EcoGrid/EcoRaster Applications - Mud Control

Permanently eliminate mud problems with EcoGrid/EcoRaster!

Mud creates an unsafe and unhealthy environment for humans and livestock which can lead to illness and injury. EcoGrid/EcoRaster offers an effective mud management solution that helps you solve your mud problems easily and permanently.

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The EcoGrid/EcoRaster Solution:

  • Works like a snowshoe where the grid disperses load over a larger surface area, thus preventing soil compaction.
  • Less soil compaction results in improved water drainage.
  • EcoGrid/EcoRaster also separates the footing aggregate from the sub-base, further improving drainage.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Tough and durable, EcoGrid/EcoRaster will withstand the toughest of environmental conditions for many years.
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By choosing EcoGrid/EcoRaster not only are you eliminating mud problems, you are also making a significant contribution to the environment. Read more about how EcoGrid/EcoRaster is helping the environment.

Contact TerraFirm Enterprises today to discuss EcoGrid/EcoRaster as a mud solution.

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