EcoGrid/EcoRaster Applications - Parking Lots

An Environmental Solution for Sustainable Parking Areas.

EcoGrid/EcoRaster has been used in Europe for years to promote permeable parking areas. Since it's introduction to North American we have installed the grid in many parking areas as a viable alternative to traditional asphalt paving.

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The EcoGrid/EcoRaster Solution:

  • Can be filled with a non compacting aggregate, such as gravel or crushed stone that allows water infiltration into the subsoil without sacrificing the stability of the surface area.
  • It allows parking areas to be seeded with grass or hydro seeded, while maintaining superior turf protection, thus making EcoGrid/EcoRaster and excellent environmental and esthetically pleasing choice for overflow parking.
  • With superior load bearing capacity of 32t/ft2, it is the only product that has proven itself to be able to withstand the turning of heavy vehicles such as Garbage trucks and other Heavy Vehicles.
  • EcoGrid/EcoRaster's wall thickness and the use of the proven locking tabs prevents ravelling of the grid in turning radius areas.

For more on permeable pavers read our blog post: Quick guide to permeable pavers

Additional EcoGrid/EcoRaster product information EcoGrid/EcoRaster Technical Specifications

By choosing EcoGrid/EcoRaster you are choosing environmental sustainability. Read more about how EcoGrid/EcoRaster is helping the environment.

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