EcoGrid Projects - Sustainable Streets

TerraFirm Enterprises has worked closely with the City of Vancouver in it's Sustainable Streets Design projects. The main purpose of Sustainable Streets Design is to protect and improve the natural environment by adhering to and promoting the principles of urban sustainability.

EcoGrid has been used in two sustainable streets design projects:

  • Crown St - Sustainable Street Design Project
  • Country Lane Project


Crown St - Sustainable Street Design Project

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The paving of roads has a significant effect on the water table. Rainwater is collected on the impervious surface and drained into the storm sewer, instead of being able infiltrate through the soil naturally. With the reduction in soil infiltration the water table is depleted, affecting nearby streams and vegetation.

Crown St as a part of the Sustainable Streets Design project was constructed with no curbs or gutters. Rain water drains from the pavement into a specially designed area called a "swale". This swale enables the natural absorption of the water into the ground and supports plantings of native grasses, trees and shrubs.

In conjunction with the swales, reinforced grassed roadside areas have been constructed for parking. This further increases the pervious surface area and improved natural water absorption.

After the failure of a competitors product, EcoGrid was introduced to the project to provide the grassed roadside parking reinforcement and turf protection.

Country Lanes Project

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The intent of the Country Lane Project was to provide the maximum area for rain water absorption while still providing a usable driving surface. The country lane design also adds a rural flavor to the neighbourhood and is best suited for residential lanes.

EcoGrid was introduced to the project in it's later stages to provide ground reinforcement and protection to the centre grassed strip.

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